What Are The Options For Withdrawing Money In India?

Many things have to be taken into account once you decide to visit the country as an India visa tourist. After you receive your India visa, all you need is to gather information about the banks and their ATM’s available in India. An ATM is readily used by most people to draw cash from their bank accounts. You can exchange cash at a nearby currency exchange counter by using the India visa and the passport.

If the India visa holder has an account in global banks like ICICI and HDFC, then drawing out cash is not a concern in India. Easy withdrawal of cash is possible from any of the ATM machines based in the city of your choice. Kindly, consider this matter before attaining your visa.

Many banks are in collaboration with one other in order to ease the cash withdrawal procedure. The India visa tourist needs information on the exchange rate offered for their currency in that particular bank. After finding out the rates hit an ATM and withdraw cash. Obtain a visa and search for this option.

Those who get their payments through paypal and operate their business online should not face problems withdrawing cash. India visa is not required for this transaction. You can simply transfer money from paypal to your account without bothering about the foreign exchange rate. Irrespective of the bank, your money will be safely credited in India rupees in your account.

India hoards many exchange rate counters, wherein, you give your home country’s currency in cash and they in turn give the equivalent Indian currency. Tourism or tourists in India have grown over the years and this has forced the Indian government to set up more exchange centers and India visa offices for the convenience of foreign travelers.

A debit card too is a great option as well. Generally all the machines accept these global cards and it is rather safe to carry less cash and debit card in case of any emergency. If theft is your major concern then it is better to keep a card of another account with less balance in it.

India visa is the first step if you wish to travel to India. Moreover, it is advisable to gain knowledge about the banking institutions available in India. Online banking is also a useful option as you can transfer some amount in your relatives account and use the same once you reach the country. Online banking comes with one more option i.e. your bank can be linked with Indian local bank so that your credit card can be used in India.

The tour agents who arrange the Indian visa will also guide you about the options available for withdrawal of money in the country. Difficulty in getting a visa is now a thing of the past. All you need to do is fill the visa form and simply present it at the Indian embassy.

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