Renting A Houseboat In Kerala For Exclusive Experience

Kettuvallam is the name of the design of the houseboat that is in use in Kerala. Renting one of these might be the costliest part of your trip to India, but all this money splurged is worth it. India visa travelers can relax amidst calm canals creased with coconut palm trees, tasting traditional delicacy of Kerala food, chatting with local people and lying atop the boat under the open sky full of stars. It is a place away from the noisy parts of India.

Student groups can rent bunk beds according to the number of people. India visa Couples also have an option of a single or a double bedroom. The cost of food and the services of the chef are inclusive in the package itself. India visa tourist can employ houseboats by DTPC either in Kollam or in Alleppey, and opt for private owners.

Houseboat business is the biggest in Kerala but some private operators are dishonest. There is a variety of boats available; rusted authentic boats to marvelous palace on water. Ask for a picture of the boat in which you will be floating, before finalizing on the price. Assure that food and rest all facility things are inclusive in the package price.

The moment you land in Kerala the travel agents will be forcing the boats on you. Those India visa tourists who booked their houseboats from outside Kerala often complain. Alleppey offers a wide range of houseboats around 350 boats and more! It is the most admired place and if you wait till the end for booking then you might end up with no deal at all.

A trip between Alleppey-Kochi-Kollam is easy and takes just one day through a motor houseboat but it is very expensive and not so environment friendly. Pushing the boat with long bamboo poles is an easy and a very soothing way of taking a round trip of Alleppey. This allows only a travel of 15km in one day.

The cost of houseboats varies. A couple booking for one day may cost around Rs.3500. India visa tourists can get a better deal if they make a booking apart from the peak season as in those times, they have to pay exorbitant charges.

Motor houseboats are not a hit as they pollute the fresh environment of Kerala; but they are increasing in number every year. A very eco-friendly authorization scheme for all the motor houseboat has been established by the authorities of Kerala. There are a number of pre-requisite that the houseboat operator needs to fulfill before attaining the certificate for ‘Green Palm’: like setting up solar panels, sanitary takers for disposing the waste produce, and to avoid installing the motors outboard. This scheme is new so an Indian visa traveler must demand this certificate prior to making booking. It was suggested that clean natural gas will be used to run these houseboats but nothing has been put into practice. Punting the houseboat is a better option rather than going in for motorized houseboats.

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