Need an Indian Visa for Your Child?

Different Indian visa applicants may decide to have their infants travelled to India if they stay there as lifelong citizens, have business India visa cards or are an employee of an Indian affiliated firm. In such cases, an Indian visa holder may decide to have his children travel to India so that he may be close to them or other reasons.

To get to this, many India visa possessors may not have a clue on how to go about the processes. Here is a simple guide to get you there.

It is advised that you follow the adult India visa application process which is easier and effective. Young babies or infant kids should have two passport sized photos as well as copies of travel permits from their home country. Babies are allowed to have closed eyes in photos unlike the case for bigger kids. Once you have these details at hand, you can now fill an Indian visa for your baby or infant.

However, since the child is issued with an Indian visa through his/her parent’s consent, he/she must avow to give all necessary and accurate details of the baby or teenage. In case of any mistakes, unclear or forged details, the applying guardian is responsible for the offence.

The application form should be filled and signed against by the applying guardian. A child India visa falls under the class of entry Indian visa categories that are eligible to people with relatives living in India. Only children below 18 years are entitled to child India visa cards. Even if kids are grown enough to be able to sign over their applications, the Indian tourist visa enactments does not allow them to as long as they have not attained national ID cards. Any part of the application form that does not apply to the category should be marked with N/A to denote that the case does not apply.

The guardian who is also an Indian visa holder living in India, must therefore grant a written letter of approval to justify grounds for his child’s India visa allocation. You must also indicate whether the child is travelling alone or under whose company.

Additionally, obtaining an Indian visa for your son or daughter takes a similar series of steps as other India tourist visa categories. A fee is also charged as in all other types. A child visa can be applied for in different times from the guardian’s application.

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